Are you between 16 and 24?

Do you want to work?

Are you prepared to work hard?

Do you want to be more independent and more confident?

If so, you could pursue a Supported Internship opportunity with Shipley College.

In this film Luke and James share their experiences about the supported internship at Shipley College. 

It was filmed at Knightsbridge Furniture and Midland Hotel Bradford. 

What's in it for you?

You will be introduced to the world of work and to a broad range of skills like personal preparation for employment, job search skills, independent travelling to work and appropriate behaviour at work.

At the end of the programme you will be awarded with the NCFE Certificate in Employability Skills.

You will be placed as an intern either within Shipley College or with one of our dedicated external employers who work in partnership with the college. You will learn and practice different work-tasks based on your skills and abilities. This is a great opportunity to learn in a real working environment. 


You will have 1:1 support while you are at work to help you learn the job-role and to help you settle in. 


At the end of Supported Internship Programme you may be offered paid employment or volunteer work.

Entry requirements

  • Age 16-24

  • Educational, Health and Care Plan (E.H.C.P)

  • A positive attitude and enthusiasm to work

  • Willingness to travel independently or to be taught to travel independently.

  • Flexibility around working hours