Are you a forward thinking employer?

Do you believe in a diverse workforce?

Do you want to drive the change?

Would you be happy to explore the opportunities of the S.I.P.?

If so, join our existing supportive employers to develop an exciting new partnership with Shipley College.


This short film was recorded at Ison Harrison Solicitors in Leeds. Jack and Sumaira completed their internship placements with the firm and now they are paid employees. 

This short film was recorded at Marriott Hollins Hall Hotel. Sophie and James completed their internship placements with the hotel and are now paid employees. We are very proud of their success.

What's in it for you?

Provide internship work placement for our lerners who will demonstrate great commitment, performance and excellent attendance.

Have the opportunity to develop a partnership with an excellent college and work with our enthusiastic and highly dedicated professional team.

Experience and feedback from our supporting employers shows that the key benefits of employing people from a more diverse background - such as people with disabilities - are: improved workforce moral and increased customer goodwill.


Using the Supported Internship, businesses have also saved on recruitment time and cost. 


Having an intern helps existing employees to focus on the more demanding aspects of their role.


Interns during their internship are unpaid (it is an agreement between the learner and Shipley College) and they receive onsite 1:1 support (job coach) for their entire working hours.


Receive free of charge training for your employees in specialized subjects such as autism - to have a better understanding of such individuals - wich will ultimately help your business, your employees and the intern to reach the agreed target.

If you wish to become one of our supporting employers, contact us for more information.